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Photo: Osseily Hannah

A Few Words About Me

Having had many years of work experience in various professions, businesses and positions in different countries and cultures, and dealt with many challenges in my private life, I made a decision 12 years ago to apply what I had learnt in order to help other people to find their own paths and deal with challenges in their lives.

My diverse educational background and experience in engineering, management, entrepreneurship and education enrich my competence as an existential trainer, coach and counsellor. 


Coaching & Counselling

My studies in NLP Coaching, Logotherapy & Existential Analyses, Advanced Existential Coaching and Psychological Counseling in Vienna, Istanbul, London and Linz taught me different approaches and various tools for coaching and counselling practices. I am registered as a certified Life and Social Advisor - Psychological Counsellor in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. During the past decade I have coached numerous people from an array of backgrounds and professions in various countries.


I chose to be an Existential Coach because I am amazed by the approach of existential coaching: it uses the wisdom of philosophers for helping clients to explore how to live a meaningful and effective life, and at the same time helps them in dealing with their very specific daily life issues in a very practical manner. 


Whether the issue of the clients is in their working environment or in private, usually, Existential Coaching helps them to explore the bigger picture and solve their specific issues by positioning themselves within the wider context of their lives.


Lectures, Training and Group Coaching

Having taught at universities and organized seminars, workshops and forums during the past 20 years, I developed two training programs which integrate different approaches to coaching: Relationship Management and Meaning Oriented Strategic Planning. Both programs are suitable for personal and professional development aims and can be adapted to different target groups. As I have been teaching in art universities and working in the cultural sector for many years, one of my special target groups are artists and creative practitioners. Most of my clients are art universities, artistic and cultural institutions. 


I am based in Vienna and Istanbul. I see my clients in my office in Vienna and Istanbul. I also have clients elsewhere whom I coach online. I coach in English, German and Turkish. 


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