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Does the life experience of coaches hold significance?

Updated: May 16, 2023

During my initial coaching session aimed at addressing a highly intricate family issue, and subsequently, when I underwent coaching training solely for personal growth reasons, I had no inkling that I would eventually choose it as my profession. I was captivated by the exceedingly pragmatic and efficient problem-solving approaches employed in coaching, which I gradually incorporated into various aspects of my life. The impact of my personal development extended beyond transforming my family life, positively influencing my achievements as a company manager, leader of an international NGO, and university lecturer.

The coaching and counseling training I underwent enabled me to thoroughly reassess my entire life from a more balanced perspective, leading to the revision of my belief patterns as well as my outlook and attitude towards life and events. Engaging in these exercises, both past and ongoing, has amplified the impact of the coaching and counseling processes I provide. The subsequent trainings I received in Logotherapy, Existential Analysis, and Executive Existential Coaching allowed me to reflect on certain concepts and approach my life with a more authentic and meaningful perspective. These trainings encouraged me to contemplate existential themes and adopt a philosophical outlook on my life, enabling me to live a more fulfilling existence.

Just as my training has led to an improvement in the quality of my life, the diversity of challenges, crises, traumas, experiences, relationships, dilemmas, and uncertainties I have encountered in my own life allows me, as a coach and counselor, to provide better service to clients who consult me with a wide range of different problems.

I consistently observe the advantages derived from my ability to ask questions from diverse perspectives, enabling me to offer my clients a broader outlook. Beyond my training in psychology and coaching, I bring a wealth of expertise in fields such as engineering, sociology, and cultural management. Furthermore, my experience of living and working in different cultures, coupled with my proficiency in multiple languages, adds another layer of value. As a university lecturer, I have encountered a wide range of student profiles, further enhancing my adaptability. Additionally, my involvement in various collaborative projects has allowed me to engage with a multitude of institutions and individuals, further refining my skills as a coach and counselor.

Therefore, my answer to this question is absolutely yes!

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